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By Duncan Kihato

Hi friends!

Welcome to the new blog
It’s a Story blog in movie themes written in dialogue form.

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An about of Author:

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The Chains of Whu peng :

In the Era of a despotic leader..
Ji Ziang…
a small Community consisting
of 40 people.. constituting 9
families… escape the despotic
This Story highlights a family of
three… Mr. Wang, his wife Ling
Wang, and Son…
It is at Wang’s residence that
furtive meetings are held to
plan the escape…

( Fiction )

Flowers in Summer :

Jeremy Fletcher.. who’s a high
School teacher..and just
changed teaching to a new
School.. and moved to a new
neighborhood shares highlights
of his day to day life…

( Fiction )

Faguero :

Charming Jos Miguero befriends
Alluring Patelina… their
friendship grows, and Miguero
Suggests he goes to America to
find work with better pay.. so
they can settle to a life of finer
things when he gets back….

( Fiction )

Bedhalm associates :

..Alittle courtroom drama.. great
friends and colleagues… the
highlight… when one of them…
Clarke… a young
Lawyer.. is dismissed when he
he fails to live up to a social
..Through abit of imploring
from his close friend Daven…
Daven takes his boss to court….

( Fiction )

Ticking time :

American Intelligence catch
satellite imagery of an
underway Nuclear plant in
Daraa region of Syria…
President Buhar is not one to
be trusted…
The United States government
must act fast…
The Plant is three months near
completion.. and it must be

( Fiction )

Arbër Bdek (Documentary movie) :

Arbër Bdek… a Charismatic
Leader who helped rout out
Russian Soldiers…
and transformed Albania into a
Modern State…..

( Fiction )

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